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What we're doing about Covid-19
Your internet connection is always important.  Right now, it’s going to be even more important to you, for working from home, for children off school, for family contact, on-line food orders, even for doctors’ consultations.
Wherever you are across our network, you’ll know we’ve been adding extra capacity and network resilience, as a part of our normal infrastructure development programme. The network is in good shape to handle any extra demands placed on by the current Coronavirus challenge. At peak times, you may experience slower speeds, but the network will not fail under any load placed on it. If you do experience exceptionally slow speeds, check on the number of devices being used at your premises, before calling. Sometimes the problem is simply too many people at home on line at the same time.
Extra support – just in case
There may be issues arising from equipment malfunctions – wifi router failure, for example. or adverse weather.  To provide an even faster response to those issues, should they arise, we’re making all of our people – even those who don’t normally do field work – available for call-out support, wherever needed.
Our support system will continue to be available. Our telephone support hours remain as always:  0800 hrs-2000 hrs on weekdays, and via a telephone relay at all other times. We’ve doubled our out-of-hours support responders, and we expect to answer any (waking hours) call within two hours, at most. Here’s a team round-up, so you’ll know who you’re talking to, if you need us…
Keeping site visits safe
All our people are fit and in good health. Anyone showing any signs of symptoms of possible Covid-19 will be required to isolate themselves and work from home. All of them use hand sanitiser every hour, and before and after any site visit. Where our engineers respond to a call-out, they will aim to minimise internal property access. They’ll run connection tests from outside. If they need access inside a property, they’ll call before knocking, and they’ll use hand sanitiser before and after they enter. They’ll work with a minimum 1m personal space, and will not accept food or drink while they’re on site.

Public Health England advise against wearing face masks as there is very little evidence that they are effective outside clinical settings such as doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. However, if you request that our engineer wears one, they will do so.  Gloves are also not advised to be worn (outside  normal safety requirements) as they cannot  be cleaned effectively.

We will strive to avoid work in premises occupied by those over 70, or those with known underlying conditions, or pregnant, without agreeing a safe process beforehand.

The good news is that we can do much work to diagnose and solve problems by remote means. Our network monitoring and management systems are good, and can identify issues before they become a problem. Those systems are run by a great team of highly motivated, very capable people, who are always dedicated to providing the best possible service and support. And especially so, while everyday lives are being disrupted  by such exceptional factors.

03333 321817 – that’s the number to call for support, whenever you need it.
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