WHAT IT COSTS - Village Networks rural broadband in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

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What do I get?

A standard Village Networks high-speed broadband connection provides download speeds up to  24Mb/s or more, and upload speeds up to 2Mb/s.  You could be sending and receiving 10Mb files in less than secondss. And typical web pages load almost instantaneously.  Included with the your connection are up to 10 email addresses and 50Mb of webspace.  Upgrades for email addresses or webspace are available, too.

How much does it cost?

A standard Village Networks connection costs just £40 a month, including VAT. There’s no limit on the number of computers you use on  that connection. Most users find the standard Village Networks connection has ample speed for their everyday needs. Some businesses, especially those in the media industry, look for even faster connections. No problem. Village Networks can tailor a connection  to suit. The setup charge is usually around £222. That’s a similar price to that charged for a TV aerial or satellite dish, and includes aerial installation, cabling, connection and configuration for one PC. For full details of our standard subcription packages, click here.

Can I keep my existing email addresses?

Yes, just as you would with any other provider*. The change to Village Networks will be smooth and seamless. All you’ll really notice are the new dazzling connection speeds you thought were out of reach.

*Unless your email is provided by your current ISP. If your email address is, for example, yourname@tiscali.com or @btconnect.com, that address will cease to work when you end your subscription with that provider. But we can help you with new email addresses or even your own domain, and make the migration to a new address - if that's necessary-  smooth and simple.

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