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Most internet connection problems are the result of simple failure, and aren’t hard to fix.
Try these easy steps first, before calling us. Chances are, you'll fix the problem, and be back up and running easily.

This self-help information is available here for you to download and save, to allow you to try solving the problem yourself, even though you may be off-line at the time.
No connection  to the internet?
1 Shut down your computer.

2 Disconnect the power supply from  the power injector (A) and the router (B), if you have one.  Do this by removing the power lead where it is plugged into the equipment. See the illustration at the bottom of this screen

3 Switch your computer back on.

4 When it has completely restarted, plug the power supply cables back into the power injector (A) first, then the router (B).

Does it work now?  Yes? Great. If not, go to next step.
Still no connection to the internet?
Phone our support line on 03333 321817.  Listen to the status report.  If there’s a fault that affects the service you will hear a message on this line giving you an indication of how long we think it will take to restore service.
No message about a fault:
Stay on the line and follow the instructions to report the problem.  Normally you’ll be transferred to a member of the Village Networks team.  If we can’t respond immediately, you’ll be invited to leave a message.
You have a problem that’s not critical but you need our help or support:
Send an email to esupport@villagenetworks.co.uk .This will be logged in our helpdesk system and we’ll reply promptly, with details of how we propose to solve your problem.
You’d rather not use the above system and simply want to talk to us:
Call us on 03333 321817.  If we’re not able answer the phone immediately, you can leave a message.
A Your power injector looks like one of these. Disconnect the power supply by removing the black lead only, connected where the arrows indicate.

If your power injector looks like the one in Fig 3, remove the mains power lead for at least one minute, to allow all power to drain from the transformer itself.
B Your router looks like, or is similar to, this
Don’t disconnect any cables with this kind of plug, unless one of our support advisors asks you to.
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