Standard Price List - Village Networks rural broadband in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

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Which package suit you best?

A Village Networks wireless connection gives you up to 24Mbps, with unlimited downloads, for just £40 a month! Add VoIP (internet telephone), and you could replace your costly landline and call charges with an all-included plan for as little as £8 a month! In the parts of our network not yet upgraded to superfast speeds, you'll get up to 10Mbps, with a generous 60GB monthly download allowance.

Fair Use Allowance

If you have a subscription with a Download Allowance, you'll be automatically notified by email when your reach 50%, 75% and 100% of that allowance. If you exceed your allowance? Your connection speed will be reduced to 2Mbps for the following month. But don't worry. The very great majority of Village Networks  subscribers never reach their monthly 60GB. And the even better news, is your use isn't measured between 2300hrs and 0600hrs.

If you have a superfast connection with an unlimited download allowance, you'll receive a courtesy notification of your monthly use at the end of each month. We ask that you remember that heavy use can mean slower speeds for others at your premises, and users in other parts of your near network. We judge excessive use to be that which is sufficient to measurably impair performance elsewhere, for others. Instances of excessive use are reviewed on a case by case basis, and may result in your download speeds being temporarily reduced.

WHERE SUPERFAST IS AVAILABLESpeed (Mbps)Monthly download


Home Basic
20 GB

30.52 GB£20
Best possible0.560 GB£40
Best possible
2.060 GB£75
Installation  - illustrative only. The amount may vary depending on your location £222
Installation with wireless router£312
Installation with BDUK Voucher (minimum 12 month contract)
from £9.25/pm
Prices include VAT
*Minimum speed 10 Mbps.
**Includes on-site attendance, where required, for internet connectivity issues, guaranteed within 24hrs Mon-Fri .

Speeds will vary!

The speeds we quote are average speeds. You may get a little more or a little less, depending on your exact location. Speeds available from any internet providers, regardless of the technology used to connect you, will fluctuate. Most speed variations are caused by the strength of your own wifi signal in your home or office, and the number of active devices connected to your home or office network. Traffic across the network outside your premises also causes variations in speeds. We keep a careful eye on bandwidth and contention, and make adjustments whenever necessary, to ensure your speeds are as close as possible to those specified in your subscription.

Often, when speeds vary, the cause can be traffic (or connectivity issues) out there in the wider internet, beyond our own network, and outside our control.  

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