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and get a month’s subscription FREE!

Recommend Village Networks to a friend or neighbour. When they become a subscriber, we’ll give you one month’s subscription, absolutely free!  There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make – or the number of free month’s connection you can earn!

Just complete the form alongside, and click send. When your recommended friend or neighbour joins Village Networks, we'll let you know, and issue your credit!

Village Networks Referrals Terms and Conditions

Each successful referral will earn credit  to the value of one month’s subscription at the standard Village Networks rate of £30 including VAT. Subscribers to the Village Networks Economy service will earn credit  to the value of one month’s subscription at the Economy rate.

Referral credits will only be awarded for referrals of subscribers who are new to Village Networks and who have not registered their interest prior to the referral.

Referrals credits can be applied to your account at any time. In the absence of any alternative instruction, credits will be applied to the last months of your subscription. Referrals credits will only be made if you have no outstanding fees due on your account.

A new customer can only have one referring customer benefiting from their order.

A service notice will be appended to the referrer's account for every eligible credit.

Village Networks Ltd  reserves the right to alter, modify, suspend or terminate this programme at any time without notice.

Details of the person you're recommending, and your own contact details

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