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BBC South took a keen interest when they heard that Hillesden parish were installing a wireless broadband aerial on the tower of their church.

Not only do churches have a long tradition of being the hub of a community, they’re usually on high ground, and visible from all around. That makes them ideal spots for the aerials needed to connect surrounding properties to fast broadband internet connections.

The BBC referred to Hillesden internet subscribers as having ‘ a little help from above’. And from Village Networks, too…


17 October 2013


Westcott Venture Park based Village Networks Ltd have won a prestigious industry award for delivering wireless broadband internet connections in rural areas.

Founded in the Vale of Aylesbury 10 years ago, Village Networks began as a community-based venture. A small team built a wireless network in the Claydon villages. The network provided fast internet connections to places where the BT network was too slow.

‘Since we began, we’ve been responding to continually growing demand,’ said Paul Firth, Managing Director. ‘We realised quite early on that, because we were providing a service that was so important to people’s daily lives, we should operate as a serious commercial enterprise, offering a quality of service and support equal to, if not better than, that provided by any other internet service provider.’

Today, Village Networks connects homes and businesses in rural communities from the east of Oxfordshire, across the Vale of Aylesbury, into Hertfordshire, and south into the Thames Valley. With five full-time and part-time employees, Village Networks also built and maintains wireless links for Bucks County council, between County Hall and Council schools and District Council offices.

‘We’re very proud of this award’ said Paul. ‘Big telecommunications providers take the view that – although rural broadband is valuable to its users – delivering it is not an economic proposition. We’ve proved that there’s a real return on investment to be had, both by us as providers, and by our subscribers, who’d find life extremely disadvantaged without broadband.’

The nationally-recognised NextGen awards are highly prized in the world of broadband networks. Village Networks’ trophy for  Fixed Wireless Networks was won in stiff competition against international technology companies and large local authorities from across the UK.


As part of our ongoing programme of network speed and performance upgrades, work continues acrosss the network. However, no outage are currently scheduled.

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