Village Networks rural broadband in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

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Now, you really can have fast broadband!

Every home and workplace deserves – needs – a fast broadband connection. Trouble is, not everyone lives close enough to a telephone exchange, or has a cable connection, to allow a high-speed internet connection to be made.
But now, if you live or work within reach of a Village Networks connection, truly fast broadband can be yours...

The fastest-growing network of its kind!

Village Networks connectivity covers large areas of the Vale of Aylesbury and the Buckinghamshire Thames Valley. The company connects hundreds of subscribers in homes, businesses and schools, at speeds dramatically faster than the broadband average for rural Buckinghamshire, from other ISPs. Find out if Village Networks serves your community - here

How fast? Hundreds of times faster!

A Superfast Village Networks connection has download speeds up to 24Mbs. Our Home Package has speeds up to 10Mbs -  up to 200 times faster than a dial-up connection!

There’s no limit to the number of computers you can connect. A Superfast subscription comes with an unlimited download allowance, and our Home package has a Fair Use allowance of a generous 60Gb/month. Some  subscribers may need faster speeds, or a bigger allowance, in which case a connection can be tailored to suit. Find out about subscriptions and Fair Use policy here

Village Networks is a company registered in England and Wales, no: 04603174, Registered Office:  88 Sheep Street, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6LP.

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