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About Us
Village Networks was founded in 2003, in Steeple Claydon, in the heart of the Vale of Aylesbury. The village had no prospect of workable internet connections. In those days, 2Mb/s was considered fast enough and good enough for a dial-up internet connection, but even that was a distant prospect for the Claydons.
The founders built the Aylesbury Vale’s first wireless network there, which delivered a 4 Mb/s service to the community.
After that, the network and the business behind it simply grew. As wireless broadband technology developed, Village Networks made a commitment to plough profits back into constant upgrades, increasing speeds and the robustness of its service, across an ever-growing subscriber base. Most Village Networks users are connected to a service providing 6 Mb/s – 10 Mb/s.

More than a decade later, Village Networks is rolling out its Superfast 24 Mb/s service. The network stretches from the east of Oxfordshire, across Bucks to west Hertfordshire, and into the Thames Valley in the south of Bucks, with access to backhaul at five different locations. Village Networks has also provided wireless links for Bucks County Council Schools and between Aylesbury Vale District Council’s offices. At its 1800 sq ft offices in Buckingham, the company has four full-time and six part-time workers, providing installation and helpdesk support, with a subscriber base approaching 1000 homes, home offices, businesses and business parks, and a user-base of an estimated 4000 people. In 2013, the company won a networking industry award, for its demonstration of the way a self-funded rural wireless network can be built, grown and managed.

Paul Firth

Paul’s background includes business development roles with Laing Civil Engineering and Laing Management, before founding a work-winning consultancy serving the construction sector. Paul’s experience in business and man management – along with his considerable project management credentials, placed him at the heart of Village Networks growth and development, from the outset.
Joseph Richardson

A qualified scientist, Joseph moved into the technology sector as a member of the core team that became Dr Solomon’s, the pioneering computer security organisation. When the company was acquired by Symantec, Joseph took the opportunity to help found Village Networks, and has remained a key technology specialist and project manager ever since.
Nigel Oakley
Founder and Senior Technical Adviser

Nigel’s day job is his role as Principal Consultant in Cloudbuilding for Juniper Networks. Before that, Nigel worked for IBM, Intelliden, Radioscape, OpenWave, 3Com and Data General. That’s a lot of networking, a lot of internet, a lot of wireless.
Roger Carey

Roger’s background is in advertising and marketing, across all sectors, but principally in IT markets.
He founded the UK’s pre-eminent IT advertising agency. When he’s not working for Village Networks, he works as an independent business communications consultant for UK and international clients. 
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