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19 October 2019

Village Networks has been awarded Gold Quality Assurance status (the highest available) by the wireless broadband industry’s trade body, UKWISPA. Accreditation demonstrates that the WISP operates to the highest standards of customer care and good neighbourhood in the industry.
‘We’re extremely proud of this achievement,’ said Village Networks’ Paul Firth. ‘Since we started in 2003, we’ve always believed that our customers must receive not only the best possible technical performance from us, but also the highest possible standards of customer care, support and protection. We’ve demonstrated that we can achieve and maintain those standards, and the UKWISPA Gold Quality Assurance mark is proof of that.’
In order to achieve Accreditation, a fixed wireless ISP must demonstrate that they have the following in place:
·         A customer code of conduct, ensuring that their customers have high standards of care and product specifications.
·         A formal complaints procedure so that any serious issues will be handled professionally, courteously and fairly.
·         Operational monitoring and standards to keep our network performing at its best all of the time.
·         Procedures to help set customers’ expectations about Wi-Fi coverage at their property, where applicable.
·         Participation in the UKWISPA Operator Code of Conduct. This is designed to help Fixed Wireless Access operators co-exist as good neighbours.

For press enquiries or further information, contact Village Networks on 03333 321817, info@villagenetworks.co.uk,
or Roger Carey on 07973 873245 or roger.carey@villagenetworks.co.uk
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